Th1rt3en - a gripping court room thriller

Thirteen  - Steve Cavanagh


Eddie Flynn, a conman turned defense lawyer believes his client who is touted to be the next big thing in Hollywood, is not a murderer. Joshua Kane, a killer, kills to get a seat in the jury. In this cat and mouse story can Eddie Flynn catch the murderer before it's too late?



I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, the plot, and its treatment. This recipe had the right amount of plot twists, action, humor, and brilliance, making it a yummy dish of a story. Eddie Flynn is a flawed hero. His personal life is nonexistent, he has self-sabotaged his relationships. He has a hero complex that comes in the way of him achieving anything good for himself. Yet this very hero complex makes him root for the people who otherwise are beyond help. A protagonist that's worth rooting for.


I liked the friendships portrayed in the story. Especially his and Harry's.


I liked how this story didn't have any sleaze or curse words. Generally, stories such as these are liberally sprinkled with sex scenes (usually unrelated to the plot) or/and with generous curse words just to show how bad/cool a character is. I don't mind that, but, in fast-paced stories such as these, I prefer not to get distracted by romantic detours and too much insight on a villain's mental makeup. This author didn't resort to any such unnecessary tactics. The antagonist is shrewd, a thinking and extremely dangerous villain and that's that.


This is a police, court procedural story and that's usually a hit or miss with me. This was one of the rare good ones that I liked.


The court scenes are a real treat. It's not as crisp and electrifying as in other novels you might have read. But, the author has written it in a very visual way and that's a sure page-turner.


Go for it if you want a cool courtroom drama where the serial killer is just around the corner and keeps messing up with the best-laid plans of powers that be.


Review, recommendation, and rating


RRKReads rating - Borrow grade - A book worth borrowing from your library or trading with your friends.


My GoodReads Rating - 4