Mitosis - Brandon Sanderson 3.5

I am not sure why Brandon Sanderson wrote this filler book. This one is more of a short story than a novella. Nothing unique, just one more epic down that's all. The writing was as good as in Steelheart ( duh! It's Brandon Sanderson). This book too had horrible,cute metaphors courtesy David Charleston. Some of his crazy metaphors:

" It's okay, I'm a rhinoceros astronaut" , what??

Another 1:

If a powerful one decided to step into Steelheart's place, the police force would be worth less than a bagful of snakes at a dance competition.

See what I mean when I say David & his super crazy metaphors are made for each other?

I only hope Brandon continues with this running joke throughout this series.

I began firefight & found mention of mitosis in it hence I had to read this 1. I am not sure if this filler book is mandatory reading b4 continuing on with the series. I also think u won't miss much if you skip this 1.